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Teak Wood (Sagwan Wood) Wooden Chopping Board | Meat Board | Cutting

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This is a wooden chopping board made of Teak Wood (Sagwan Wood) which is a purely natural, very handy and hygienic way of cutting. Non-toxic food-grade material is used and anti-skid mechanism, also durable and easy to clean. Ensures perfect cut enhances the durability of the knife. It can be used for cutting all types of fruits and vegetarian / non-vegetarian food easily. So from now use this chopping board for your kitchen and be safe. Teak wood is known for having one of the longest life in India.

  • Made from 100% natural Teak wood. Can be use both sides and handle gives more holding grip. Teak wood (Sagwan Wood) is having longest life even in water.
  • This eco-friendly board is very attractive, durable and natural board helps us to have a perfect cut for chopping and slicing the vegetables , fruits, bread, meat, cheese, pizza, fishes ,and more, and also serve in the same board itself.
  • It won't dull your
  • The cutting board can be wipe out by clean water after each use and dry with clean towel and let it air dry. For good maintenance, often apply some bee wax for long lasting.


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