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Costa Rica Tarrazú San Diego Jaguar Honey

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Discover Costa Rica Tarrazú San Diego Jaguar Honey, a testament to the innovation and excellence of Costa Rica's coffee industry, proudly brought to you by Beneficio San Diego, the nation's most modern coffee mill. Established in 1888, this mill has been at the forefront of coffee processing, specializing in sourcing exceptional beans from the renowned Tarrazú and Tres Ríos regions. Beneficio San Diego not only pursues ever-increasing efficiency and quality standards but also plays a pivotal role in fostering strong community relations and promoting sustainable production practices. Honey Processing Costa Rica gave birth to the honey processing method, now adopted across Central America. In this meticulous process, some or all of the mucilage, often referred to as coffee honey, is left on the parchment during drying. This imparts a unique sweetness to the coffee, reminiscent of natural honey. Within the Tarrazú region, where farms average three hectares in size, a dedicated community of farmers delivers carefully selected, ripe cherries to the San Diego wet mill. The coffee chosen for this special honey process is exceptional due to its remarkable cup profile. No two honey coffees are alike, given the complexity of this craft process. It all begins with the meticulous selection of perfectly ripe cherries. After depulping, the mucilage remains, allowing the natural sugars to enrich the coffee's sweetness. The coffee is then slowly and evenly dried on African beds or patios. Costa Rica Green Coffee Origin Report Costa Rican coffees are renowned for their exceptional quality and innovation. The country's commitment to a high standard of living, including universal healthcare, top-tier education, advanced agronomy and research, and well-regulated sustainability programs, contributes to the premium pricing of its coffee. When coffee roasters choose Costa Rican green coffee, producers receive nearly 80% of the FOB (Free On Board) value, providing a fair and sustainable livelihood for the local coffee community. FLAVOR: Raspberry, Plum, Almond, Clementine, Honey BODY: Medium ACIDITY: Bright PROCESS: Honey


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